“You Live In What” Filmed in Barneveld - 10/18/2017

“You Live In What” Filmed in Barneveld-10/18/2017

BARNEVELD - An HGTV crew from the show “You Live in What?” traveled to the village of Barneveld on Sunday, October 15, to film at a converted home that had been a historic Stone Meeting House and church. The show, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, spent the day filming and photographing every corner of the unique living space and interviewing current owners Bill and Suzanne Hinge. The early 1800’s era home was originally built as a Presbyterian Church. It has two front doors, traditional for a church at that time; one for the women and one for the men. It was an outpost connected to the Presbyterian Church in nearby Holland Patent. It sat abandoned for a time before the Grange acquired it. Then the Methodist Church bought it in approximately 1914. It then functioned as a community hall. Bill and Suzanne Hinge purchased it in 1970 and converted it to a single family home. Bill said he could remember attending community dinners in the hall and roller-skating upstairs. “I grew up here in Barneveld,” Bill Hinge said. “We wanted a big home. We have four kids, so we thought this would work.” Bill said that he got the idea of converting an old church when he ran into his friends Chris and Virginia Kelly, owners of Jay K Lumber, who at that time were in the process of renovating an old… For more on this story, please jock up a copy of the Boonville Herald