Boonville’s Own Great American Chosen Business of the Month - 9/20/2017

Boonville’s Own Great American Chosen Business of the Month-9/20/2017

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Boonville’s Own Great American, “Your Old-Fashioned General Store Grocer,” was chosen as the Business of the Month. In May of 1966, Lynn Lockwood, at the age of 14, started working for a company called Victory Markets, Inc. He was employed as a bag boy, a "true job of customer service." Over the next 10 years, Lockwood advanced in positions and was sent to Port Jervis, NY, to open the first converted Victory Markets store to the new concept of the Great American food stores. Quickly after that, he became a supervisor in the main offices in Norwich, then on to the Utica/Rome area, and eventually was transferred to the North Country stores, where he went through promotions from Produce Supervisor to District Manager. Lockwood located his family to Boonville in 1982, and his two children, Kelly and Rob, graduated from Adirondack Central School. In 1996, after the company had gone through several different owners, which led to its bankruptcy, Lockwood was able to purchase two of the stores, one in Boonville and the other in Watertown. He retained most every employee and added several family members to his team. Upon naming his new business, he remembered his first year in the business, where it was constantly said that he "did not work for the company, but for the customers, for without the customers there would be no company." That message had stuck with him for the 30 years when he worked for Victory Markets/Great American, and he decided to call each store by its rightful owners, the villages that the store was located in. The business names became Boonville’s Own Great American and Watertown’s Own Great American. Lockwood added the phrase, “Your Old-Fashioned General Store Grocer,” in all his advertising as a constant reminder that the stores of old existed with emphasis on customer service. In January of this year, Lynn semi-retired from the business in order to devote more time to his ministry, as in the past seven years he had become a pastor of the United Methodist churches in Salisbury Center and Stratford. His family continues in the customer service food business, with his daughter and her husband, Kelly and Graig Schaffner, running the Boonville location, while his nephew and his wife, Randy and Kim Lockwood, and his brother, Richard, run the Watertown and Star Lake locations. “It is a honor and privilege to be the Boonville Business of the Month and the thanks for that goes out to the loyal customers of Boonville and the surrounding areas, the customers who we have loved for the past 21 years,” Lockwood said. “We look forward to the next 21 years and beyond, being a locally owned and operated business, and continue to say thank you to each and every customer who makes our business worth every minute we put into it!"