Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Holds 70-Year Celebration - 7/19/2017

Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Holds 70-Year Celebration-7/19/2017

By Robert Dolan What started out as a dreary miserable day with rain sporadically falling from the sky and rumbles of thunder in the distance turned out to a picture-perfect day for the celebration of Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Centerís 70th anniversary party, Saturday evening, July 15. The party took place in the beautifully landscaped Sunset garden; the history of the three-generation operation welcomed you as you entered the main lobby of the facility. As you entered, you were greeted by pictures of the originators of Sunset, Louis and Sigrid Britton, their table lined with a green tablecloth, flowers placed centered just perfectly enough to feature the photos of the former Sunset Nursing Maternity Hospital to the current Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Throughout the lobby area, tables were highlighted with years of history; photos from community events, former residents and staff members, newspaper clippings of the past that once was, a letter dated October 17, 1984 by now Administrator Mary Katherine Mathis of the ground-breaking events of Unit C, detailing the day and moments in family history, and spotlighted with honor was one of the original baby cribs from the former Sunset Nursing Maternity Hospital with a metal plate hanging from the side rails showcasing the names of former physicians who served, where nearly 2,000 babies were born from 1947-1971. The pictures just a mirror of years gone by, some people still with us, some not, nevertheless still with us in our hearts and memory. Outside in our lush greenery garden was where you could find the smiles and dancing hearts of many. Our patio and lawn areas were filled with residents and their families, community members, staff personnel alongside with their children listening to the wonderful harmonized tones of the Fritzís Polka Band. As children ran through the garden playing games of tag and hide and seek, our residents were absorbing all that was around them; the rhythm of superb music, the love of family, and reconnecting with old friends. The bright blue skies overtopping the crowd, with the warm summer evening sun shining over Academy Street, made for one enjoyable and memorable evening. The reflection of the evening was just that, a reflection, of the keepsakes we hold tight in our mind, and heart and memories and friendships made over the years, celebrating a husband and wifeís dream that began 70 years ago. Looking back on three generations operating a skilled nursing facility for the community of Boonville and surrounding areas for 70 years is a remembrance of a caring community of dedicated people. One could only wonder what Louis and Sigrid Britton would think now of their dream and admiration that began 70 years ago. Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in this memorable celebration, with special thanks to the Fritz Polka Band and all the volunteers who helped make the evening a special occasion. Note: The memorabilia, including many scrapbooks and albums of photos and news articles throughout the years, will be in the Sunset lobby until Friday afternoon, July 21. Stop by and check them out. You may be surprised to see a news clipping or photo of you or one of your family members.