Capri Pizzeria is June "Business of the Month" - 6/14/2017

Capri Pizzeria is June "Business of the Month"-6/14/2017

The Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce is very proud to name Capri Pizzeria as the June "Business of the Month." Capri Pizzeria was chosen because of their strong dedication to the Chamber and the Boonville community. Since 1981, Capri Pizzeria has been located in the heart of downtown Boonville on the historic Union Square. The Salamone family, owners of Capri Pizzeria, said they are “committed to serving Boonville area residents the finest foods made fresh from the best ingredients available.” To set the record straight, Capri Pizzeria was first started by Andrew Randazzo in 1981. Andrew is a childhood friend of the current owner and proprietor, Salvatore Salamone, who purchased the business from the Randazzos in 1982. Both men grew up together in San Cipirello, Italy, and eventually migrated to the United States. Sal, a mason by trade, was able to purchase the Boonville location, while Andrew opened a separate Capri Pizzeria in Oriskany. When the Salamones originally took over the Boonville business, they only served pizza and subs, but quickly expanded into wings and dinners. Today, they are proud to offer a complete menu featuring appetizers, dinners, steak burgers, desserts, chicken wings, and much more. They are committed to meeting the needs and tastes of their loyal customers. In addition, they cater special events, for which they have received rave reviews. As the demand for homemade pizza expanded, so did the restaurant. Sal, using his talents as a mason and carpenter, has made numerous additions, renovations and improvements to the pizzeria located in one of Boonville’s oldest buildings. The acquisition of an additional property on the corner of Schuyler and Main streets provides parking for Capri customers. They also do an extensive take-out business and delivery service. Helping with the operation of the business are Sal’s wife Rosaria, sons Frank and Maurizio, along with manager Megan Podkowka, and 10 other employees. From humble beginnings to a major dining and take-out restaurant that draws a legion of repeat customers with its quality food and extensive menu, Capri Pizzeria embodies the American success story created by hard work and determination. Chamber officials said, “It’s no wonder Capri Pizzeria has been awarded ‘Business of the Month.’”