Delta Hardwood Flooring is Expanding - 5/3/2017

Delta Hardwood Flooring is Expanding-5/3/2017

Delta Hardware Flooring in Boonville is expanding to add about 25 jobs now, with the potential to add 250 employees with the next three to five years. There was a job fair held Saturday, April 22, at the facility at 210 Grove Street. Company president Randy Bowers said that it was “a phenomenal success.” He said that the 58 attendants toured the plant and were able to talk to current Delta employees. Bowers cites a better housing market, which increases demand for hardwood floors, combined with a decrease in flooring plants for Delta Hardwood Flooring’s growth. “There are less flooring plants producing flooring nationwide than there were 10 years ago, and there’s not enough to fulfill the growing demand,” he said. “That’s a wonderful opportunity for growth.” CNN reported that new home sales surged more than six percent in February of this year, to their highest levels in seven months.  Delta Hardwood Flooring began in Rome in 2009. They operated there for five years before outgrowing the space. Bowers searched all over Rome and Central New York before choosing to relocate the company into the old Ethan Allen building. He said that during his tour of the facility he knew it was the right place for the company. “I wasn’t part of Boonville until three years ago when we came here,” Bowers said. “So coming here and being welcomed is nice. We’ve met a lot of good people. We are very, very pleased to be growing something that is beneficial to the community here.” There will be an addition added to the building for the expansion. Most of the new employees will be starting very soon, according to Bowers. He’s in the process now of sorting through applicants. He said that because of the demand, there will be a second shift added to production. The new employees will fill the various roles needed during the shift, including machine operators, graders, supervisors, group leaders, and maintenance. “We’re looking to have about 75 employees by June and probably up to 100 next year,” Bowers said.