Boonville Municipal Commission Says “Goodbye Ken…Hello Doug” - 3/15/2017

Boonville Municipal Commission Says “Goodbye Ken…Hello Doug”-3/15/2017

After 27 years as Superintendent of the Boonville Municipal Commission (38 total), Ken Stabb is saying “good-bye”and plans to start working on his “bucket list.” He hasn’t quite decided yet what to do first, but said he is in no hurry. He has some vacation time left to take off, and is sticking around to make the transition easy for Douglas E. Varner, the new Superintendent. On the other hand, Varner is familiarizing himself, not only with the Commission, the employees, the policies and practices, but with the area involved. Varner is a native of southern California. Born in Los Angeles and a recent resident of Ocean-side, he has been in the electrical utilities field for many years. He has several years with the Los Angeles Water & Power Company and the San Diego Gas & Electric, and was proud to say that Boonville Municipal will be his third electrical company. He said he has been feeling “crowded” for quite some time, and when he saw the advertisement in the American Public Power Industry paper for the position at the Boonville Municipal Commission, he felt a strong interest and submitted his application with his family's approval. Varner is married, has five children and two grandchildren. Rebecca, Diane, David and Eric are out on their own, leaving only Jason, a high school junior, at home. Upon being selected for the position, Doug moved to the Northeast, with wife Marianne and son Jason to follow once the school year is over. Jason will do his high school senior year at Adirondack Central where he is anxious to get into the soccer program. Doug leaves most of his close family, his parents and two sisters, in California. For more on this story, please pick up a copy of the Boonville Herald.